A Happy Relationship

When it’s about relationship, there are several things that should be kept in mind from both sides.

A real Relationship

Relationships need several things

Relationships are not as easy to handle as it seems. However, I have gathered some points that will lead you to a successful relationship(I hope so):

-First and foremost, Don’t take any decisions when you’re having mood swings. Calm down, relax, let you and your partner be in a calm state and than think: Were we doing the right thing?

-Keep your partner as happy as you can- When it comes to a man, he should care for his partner as much as he can. Try to not let her feel alone. Let her feel that there’s always someone that will be there who can hold my hand. For a girl, she should do the same. Try to note the time when her partner comes back. Both of you don’t know how much your partner has suffered during his/her job time. Let your partner feel like he/she is in paradise when he/she comes home.

-When there is a fight, one should need to stop. Don’t think of what’s happening right now? Think of the time and moments that you have spent together. They were awesome and fantastic. In this way, you’ll get rid of your anger and when your partner calms down, he/she will soon realize that it was a wrong thing that he/she did. Stepping down in such a moment will really boost love between you too.

-Know your partners value- It happens when you are in a relationship, you start feeling irritated from your partner. At that time, don’t let wrong thoughts dominate you. Think of how your partner cared for you. Think what is changed that has result into this. When you find out, call your partner with love and let him/her know what is happening with you. The more late you tell, the more worse things are going to get.

I hope these steps will work and you will be able to get your relationship back in a smooth curve. Best wishes for loved ones.

13 thoughts on “A Happy Relationship

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  2. I suppose when you are living this way in human form you do make it about time.. but when you connect and purposefully leave time out of it.. you realize you have nothing but time.. It is the birth death syndrome of feeling disconnected.. I follow what you say in thought.. yet I feel something greater because of my connection to Lois.. She feels me and hears me without physical.. we embrace this to realize it goes beyond here..

    I am not on here so I am using Clark’s sign in.. He has allowed me inside of him.. we have been through many trials of experiences here together.. yet something inside of us pointed to us that allows each to share in something that has physical purpose, and everything this experience is not.. It is not about positive and negative.. those are not elements of truth.. they are a constant struggle created by a thought process… When he died.. I brought him back by asking him to come back.. He heard me beyond here.. and he brought me back to life… We are not trying to make anyone share in a belief as it is not our purpose within our connection we actually live it purposefully as to not lose any of this experience of physical yet can see others who wish to have the same very thing with no answer but to just use more thought.. I understand we both have to work, we both have times of being completely in other things.. but we also realized inside we can do so while being inside of each other.. It doesn’t have to be about a strength in the relationship as long as we are deeply rooted in each other such as a tree and how it is alive without any understanding of time.. It is the same principle with a depth that has no end.. it will reach beyond here.. It just requires us to not have mind noise and if we do we can feel it in each other even if we aren’t together physically or over a phone or even to text.. We allowed a connection to each other to be after all it is a choice you can make inside yourself.. Trust that we have fought this and have been some place that kept us from it.. repeatedly anything bad you can imagine showed us this very thing.. yet it pointed to the same thing inside that asked….What about beyond love? what about the direct core of a word that is in face of truth and deep passionate connection of itself? Lois

    I suppose our reason for commenting was to ask you what if you could have any connection in this physical existence? What connection would you have? And if so what makes you know you can’t?

    Lois & Clark


    • Dear Both! First of all I congratulate you of being together and listening and hearing what other have in mind or in the heart.
      Yes, there’s a connection. A connection that is beyond love. A connection that crosses some limits. It has physical existence. What is that?
      When you are deeply into one another, you can feel more than what a common person feels about anyone. Your passion and when you are thinking about each other(probably everytime), it generates a special type of brain waves that can communicate with your partner. With the help of this connection, you can feel when your partner is in pain and when he needs you. It’s most commonly known as “Spiritual Connection”

      I heard once that there was a man, alone, sitting in the desert, in ancient times. He seldom talked to anyone. One day, he saw a girl walking in front of her, going somewhere with her father. She asked that man the way that leads to a city. That man looked at her, and he liked her a lot. He told her the way. That girl went away but the man didn’t stop thinking about her. He kept thinking and thinking. And After some days, When he couldn’t let her out of his mind, he moved to city(not the one where the girl was going to) and he opened a shop there. But even that didn’t satisfy him and he was unable to get that girl out of her mind. And after few days, that girl came there at his shop. He was shocked to see her and told her how much he liked her. The girl refused him and went on. He again changed his place and moved again and started living far away from that desert and city. His mind still didn’t stop thinking about that girl. And after some days, he saw that girl there standing in front of him. And it’s a true story.

      So, My point of telling you all this is that it doesn’t matter to be in physical contact with each other when you like someone that much. Even if that person is not with you physically, your minds stay in contact with each other.

      And I wish both of you a very happy life. If you have such a connection, both of you should never leave each other. You’re true soul-mates.


      • What can make you happy can make you sad.. In a world of opposites and their degree of emotional responses these actions can cause you to disconnect where you don’t really do disconnect. You just miss paying attention to each other cause you create an expectation that you can accept these emotions in your partner. Yet if you can’t explain the emotions within yourself to your partner you will then create a gap in between you and lose true connection. We can stop at anytime day or night look at each other in the eyes and hear each other with no words, no touching, no smelling, no tasting, almost a form of seeing into each other. We communicate this was with no sense of time. It connects us and creates a newfound connection completely utilizing the greater intelligence within us. It is in sync with the same very things that allow our heartbeat to go, the blood flow directionally throughout the body that stays in sync. It is a place of beyond thoughts. If you feel that your brain can control all of these things while having thoughts about it.. That is an energy that drives all of that.. That energy is the source of all things.. It is there that we are in love it is there that we practice our connection. It doesn’t require any mind dominance to dictate it’s connection. Because of this connection you embrace the trueness of love in it’s form.. We love that way as it is a form of no opposites. It allows acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, connectedness in form or without form. Why not have heaven here rather than making it somewhere else when your physical body leaves. You are connected to others this way who have passed even in your own passing you will still have this. The purpose for us was to experience this before then as it was something we knew without knowing, so as our connection became strong so did the vibrations that showed us what we are to each other not just in this moment but all moments.


      • And that my friend, is Real Love. It’s independent of how you look. It’s independent of how you live. It’s the feeling that only those persons can understand who are in love.
        Today, they get physically close to each other and name it as “Love”. That is not even “L” of Love. It’s just attraction.
        You two are living happily and I assume a perfect(perhaps more than a perfect) life. I hope people would know you two and take you both as an example


      • Yes but if were just that simple… the amount of pain, suffering, non acceptance that we went through together and separate you can possibly imagine and yet something underneath it all was still present. My friend it was the fight of good vs evil in such a way that to tell you it’s story would ensue great emotional turmoil… It was in death that all things came. Death to self, death to what was taught, death in all forms. Yet we are here still and wish to share what we have found in such a journey.. Not the destination but what it is in this moment! We thank you for your kind words and your understanding and an opportunity to open you up to the possibility that something even deeper exist.


      • After so many hurdles and difficulties, you are still able to hold your relationship up and high. That’s what matters. And That’s what other people would like to be in their relationships, too. I wish you both Good Luck and a Very Happy Life in the future.
        And Thank you for your kind words and discussion. I got some new points from this. I’ll be hoping to see you both on this blog in the future.


  3. Awesome.. Wouldn’t it be more impactful to be completely present with your partner at all times or just in general be present without any time gaps or life situations to keep you from them or yourself?


    • Well, that is a nice point there. But, that’s rare. Most of the times, you and your partner have a job to do.Otherwise, It’s good to give as much time as possible.
      There may be problem in this situation that if your partner is on a job and you want to spend time with him/her, clashes might occur because a thought might originate that your partner is not giving you as much time as you are. Don’t fight over this. Let your partner feel independent and not jailed. So, in this case, you should be patient, too.


      • I suppose if you are not present and make it about time, you will miss the trueness of the soul that you are connected to and aren’t interacting with. If at some point we elect to evolve and not require thought to create separateness we will continue to be alone as the mind makes this about loneliness and a never ending search to make another responsible for that loneliness rather than seeing choice… When you make this about being alone it is a dooming feeling that can’t be removed cause we fail to see choice in what we chose. If you don’t make your relationship within yourself a meditation that is shared you miss the choice to be connected with another and expand love beyond… Hence you play a role of I will be who I am and you will be who you are.. Separated again without any chance of expansion inside of self… This already has shown it will last a few hours, a few weeks and maybe a few years, It seems that we have lost the ability to go beyond and evolve, How can we make a connection of this experience if we continually gravitate away from this very thing. Maybe it is time to realize choice? We do have one.. If I went this direction leaving thought behind wouldn’t that create the same very explosion that created us all? Are we too busy thinking and not sharing enough to realize we can be more than we continue in the current course we make it out to be?

        It takes no thought to be connected what else takes away the honeymoon feeling.. The bliss of love is not taken as permanent because we are taught that it requires thought? Your thoughts? Your feelings? are you sure this is the right path??? Are you sure it takes being trapped in your mind to be with another? what if you decide to grow? what if you decide to change the role by eliminating it? What if you realize this role your playing is not wanting to be played anymore which always seems to happen? There is no director to say cut you forgot your lines when you are in a relationship with another unless you seek therapy…. I am sure that I can no longer chose to be in this experience without being connected!!! To no longer have alone thought separation from her.. She is with me more inside and I have a strength that goes beyond any opposites because of it to include these words of truth within me.. When do we chose to believe it is no longer about time and make it about connection as a whole?


      • Clark! Well, as far as giving time to each other is concerned, it is a healthy thing to keep a relationship fresh and alive. Yes! I do believe in giving as much time as you can to your partner. And, I didn’t say that you don’t share anything with your partner. But, What we must do is to understand each other. Don’t get over on anything. Your partner loves you more when you and him/her are caring for each other and sharing with each other. We must try our best to give as much time for each other as we can. But, we must also respect what our partner is thinking. Right? We must also consider this thing. If your partner prefers to work, you should support him/her rather than criticizing him/her on that. But, if your partner also wants to spend as much time with you as you do, there’s no problem.The relationship would be perfect than ever. But, that depends on what your partner thinks. If you are really his/her soul-mate, you will be able to understand what your partner wants from you and how he/she prefers to live with you. Respecting thoughts of your partner influences him/her more than anything and that, my brother, strengthens the relationship.
        When relationships get close to be broken, there’s always something that cause it to happen. Either you are not happy or your partner. In both cases, one who wants the relationship to not end, must analyze the situation rather than saying ” if he/she doesn’t care,why should I?” That’s a negative way to approach to a solution. If that person is really your soul-mate, you will be struggling to keep that relationship alive and fresh. It’s not only what you think. It’s also how your partner imagined how he/she would be living with you when he/she first said “I love you”.


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