Friday to Monday: Just 2 days

A person whether he’s on a job or studying, needs some time to have some rest or go for a long weekend trip. It makes the mind fresh and let you work again with new enthusiasm.

Need more vacations

Our governments can’t make long weekends because they know they have to run their companies and colleges etc. But what about giving a long holiday for once a month to each of its employee. Not fixing a day for everyone, you can change the time of their vacations. That will be wonderful and people are surely going to love that idea.

Our industries don’t uses this perspective, I don’t know why? But, one thing for sure, if every industry starts adopting this technique, they are going to keep their employees happier than ever.

As far as student life is concerned, I think it’s enough to have two holidays per week that makes roughly 96 weekends per year (not including other vacations that you have per year). Keep studying and be a bright future for your country.

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