Yash Chopra: 1959-2012

Some persons are never to be forgotten. Their work, their struggle and their experiences set an example for the upcoming people related to that field. Yash Chopra, no doubt, is one of them. He was a “gem” of Bollywood. There are only few people who make a name like he did. And no doubt, his services and his contribution to Bollywood will always be remembered in respectful and golden words.

Bollywood Legend

Yash Chopra: A Bollywood Legend

Yash Chopra didn’t sit on a comfortable couch to enjoy his rest of life. Instead, he continued directing some greatest Bollywood hits. The last film he was directing, under the banner of “Yash Raj Films”, was “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” that was going to be released in next month.

Yash Chopra is indeed a legend. He still lives in the hearts of millions of people. Anyways, yesterday was a sad day for Bollywood.

May His Soul Rest In Peace (Amen)

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