Media TV Channels: Shit or what?

Media Channels influence most of the people around the world. The main sources of information are of two types: Media TV Channels and Internet.

Social Media

In the early days when internet was not that common, people used to watch only TV. What a TV channel could do at that time? you can only imagine. It changed the minds of many and diverted it in the way they wanted to. However, with the invention of internet, things changed.

There are still many people who don’t have access to the internet or who don’t know how to operate internet. Impact of Media TV channels still has a great impact on such people minds.

TV Media Channels

TV Channels Impact

There are many countries where TV media is under Government’s control and Government is using it to drive the minds of people as it wants. I can give you an example. Let it be Pakistan. There are still some areas where internet facility is not available and the only source of getting information is either newspaper or TV. Now, the company that has a newspaper, is also running a TV channel and perhaps there is no national newspaper that is not related to any media TV Channel.

These are not just rumors but there are actual proofs to let you know how media TV channels are really biased. I hope, this politics that plays with the mind of people will end soon but for now, it doesn’t seem as such.

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