About Me

My name is Muhammad Ali Khan . I am an Engineer and blogger. I write because it’s my passion. I write to let the people know about things they need to know.

I worked for some other blogs. I worked as a Freelancer, too . I am completely open to all the suggestions from your side.
After graduating as an Engineer from a well-known university in Pakistan, I decided to search , experience and see the people , their behavior and how this world is trying to move on.I have experienced many behaviors, analyzed many social problems. I might help you find a solution for the problems in your life and relationships. In fact, I have shared some tips for you (If you want to read them). If you are having some kind of trouble in your life, feel free to contact me. I charge no fee unless you’re not a human.

You can email your problems anytime at discussiontopic@gmail.com or message me directly on my Facebook Page “Topic Discussion

The main aim of posting these articles are : to spread news and awareness on the internet and to spread word within Pakistan. As I mentioned, I am always open for feedback from your side.

P.S. This is my only blog now. There is no other partner included with me .

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