Electronic Garbage: Another Point to Ponder

Electronics has, not doubt, facilitated our living style. It has provided us luxury that we never have gotten without it. Today, we can go from one place to another within hours and minutes, no matter how much long distance there’s between both of those places. We can connect to the whole world and talk to anyone living anywhere with the help of your cellphones and laptops. Yes! Thank You Electronics! Thank you Mr. Capacitor, Mr. Resistor and others. Without you guys, this couldn’t have been possible.


Ok! That’s enough for Electronics good side. Let’s take a look at its bad side that is not in the eyes and minds of millions of people who are not using electronics. You know there are millions of people around the globe who are using Electronic devices. Well, if something is used, it will end someday. And when electronic devices end up – What do you think where they go? Fly away?

For your information, 2,440,000 tons of electronics waste is produced in United States only and only 27% of it is recycled. Where does the other 72% go? It’s dumped or it’s thrown in sea. According to some rumors, I have also heard that this waste will be disposed off in Space, too. Well! Well! Well! Look here what we are dealing with?

Electronics Waste

Well, I must say that we all should have to find a solution to dispose off this waste properly. Otherwise, it’s going to be one of the next biggest problems in the near future.

Angry Birds: Star Wars


A good news for iPhone and iPad users! If you’re a fan of Angry Birds, you don’t have to wait long enough for the next cosmic version of this game that is going to be released in November,8,2012.


Angry Birds is a favorite game for almost every user that has played it. It’s liked by everyone and hatred by some. The game uses some characters and users control these characters to attack the required targets.

Now, as the demand is getting raised and Rovio has earned a large amount of cash from Angry Birds previous versions, it’s time for them to show some extra special in the next coming season. After looking at the introductory picture, it looks like to me that the game has really changed theme and it also has added some new characters that fulfill the need of “Star Wars”.

Let’s see what people would say when they get this version in their hands.