Why BODMAS is known as BODMAS?

A simple answer to this question is that within this word, there’s a whole story and a complete solution to your problems.

Just remember the spells and you don’t need to remember the rules regarding it.

I’ll explain you why BODMAS is called BODMAS.

B=Brackets (means you have to solve the brackets first)

O=Order (you should solve the exponents and square-roots)

DM=Division and Multiplication (You should divide and multiply which is the third step)

AS=Addition and Subtraction (which means that you have to add and subtract and it’s the 4th step)

That’s why BODMAS is known as BODMAS. I hope you liked it.



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Hey there,

I have seen this picture around the social media networks.

Casio Calculator Model Difference

Casio Calculators

Well, the difference in between both these calculators are old and new models. I don’t really know how the old one worked but the new one surely work according to BODMAS rule.

As some of you still don’t know about this rule. I’ll explain it here for you.

1:Solve the Brackets first.

As for this rule, let’s solve the brackets first that will result in 1+2=3. So, now we are left with 6/2(3).

2:Solve the exponents

As there are no exponents in it, so we’ll let the second step ignored in this case.

3:Multiply and Divide before you add and Subtract

As for the third rule, we know that we have to multiply or divide before addition and subtraction. There are no add and subtract left ( as we added following the first step).

We can see that multiplication and division, both are there but what to do first?

It is a mathematical rule that if multiplication and division are both there, then you should start solving from left to right.

In this case,

first- 6/2 =3

second- 3(3)=9

So the final answer that should be there is 9.

Any type of question like this comes in the future and you don’t have to go anywhere. Just imply BODMAS rule on it and you’ll get your final answer with ease.



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Why BODMAS is known as BODMAS?