Gullu : App released on Google Playstore

Remember Gullu butt? Sure! How can we forget him. A man with a huge mustache wondering under police protection during Police-PAT workers confrontation few days ago. This man was seeing destroying public property especially cars . He crushed every window of every car that came in his way. And after finishing his cowardy-yet-entertaining act , he shook hand with the police force like “My mission is complete. Rest is on you guys. ”



Sure, Pakistani people don’t want to be pushed backwards when it comes to entertainment. Having this in mind , Weird Science has launched a gaming app named “Gullu” for Android users. In this gaming app, you’re gullu and you have to break glasses of cars around you. Each break will grant you 2000 points.



There’s a lion in the game that represents “you know who” . This is simple yet amazing piece of entertainment. Check the app out on Google Playstore. Click here.


Android 4.1: JellyBean Update

Finally, the update that were demanded by many users is going to be available in this month. However, not all devices will be getting this update.


JellyBean 4.1.1

If you have Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3, you’re going to get it very soon. S3 will receive this update in several markets but that doesn’t include all of them. So, go and check out now if it’s available for you. If not, you have to wait for quite some time to get it. Samsung Galaxy is being preferred.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy Note are also going to receive this update very soon. So, if you have one of them, don’t miss this chance and get the update as soon as it arrives in the market.

It is being said that Galaxy smartphones will receive the update soon followed by tablets and phablets.

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