iPad Mini: Set to Launch Today

As Apple always do, it has not yet revealed any specifications officially that this mini is going to have. Apple is playing some silent games and Apple fans are still waiting and wanting to grab some official info about the specifications.


iPad Mini?

It is being said that iPad Mini would be 7.85 inches in display and will be costing nearly $249 to $349. But this is not confirmed yet.

As you all know that Apple and Samsung are the two most-talked-about rivals in the smartphone market. There are some back-end things going around. There was this rumor on the internet that Samsung has refused to make any more display for Apple. That is because Apple is ordering at quite lower price than it used to order before.

However, another news that has revealed a few hours ago says that Samsung has not said anything like that and has asked Korea Publishers(Who published this news) to revise this story.

Shortly, there are many talks about what can happen and what not. It may get you in fuzz when you keep searching about it. Why don’t wait for just another couple of hours and see what Apple actually has for its fans, this time.