Be Who You Are

I have seen many people trying to copy what others do and they think they will get fame and followers like the-person-they-followed have. Well, that is not the case. You might get some followers. But, the truth is *You will always be what you actually are*.

I am what I am

The world already knows the personality you are following. Be someone the world follows not someone the followed. There may be some criticism on your personality but don’t forget the person, who have gained fame and won hearts of millions had, at some time, also faced such criticism.

The world won’t spare you. It will keep on giving you negative as well as positive expressions. It’s you who can change the way they think about you. If someone hates you, don’t let him/her hate you for all the time. This hatred has resulted in some fights and in fact, 2 world wars. What is hatred?

We all are humans. Some may be bad and some of them are good. But, what if you treat bad as good? What if you always cheers everyone when one has done some good stuff? Will it promote hatred? Never! If we all starts cheering everyone in a positive way, the things can get better. Yes! Believe me! Things can get a lot better.



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