The Kashmir Issue

Kashmir is still a disputed territory after the passage of 65 years. India claims that Kashmir falls under its government while Pakistan claims the same from its side. People there, are killed everyday. Indian forces tries their best to implement everything according to their culture.


After 1947,there were many states that were lead to decide which country they would want to join, depending upon the majority and the ruler of that state. This proved to be decisive and many states decided easily what they wanted to do. However, there were a few states left including Kashmir.

Two states rulers decided to join Pakistan after the separation but Indian forces cut their food and other supplies and dominated over that states. I am not against India or Pakistan. I am just telling the facts that I know. My grandfather is still alive and he was one of the migrants who migrated to Pakistan after separation between India and Pakistan.

Maharaja Hari Singh was the ruler of Kashmir at that time. He was Hindu and majority of people present there were Muslims. So, he decided to stay neutral in this case.

After that day, both countries are still not getting to a conclusion for this. There are many other things between both countries that they need to sort out. That’s why, The Kashmir Issue is still at the back end.

The killings are continued. Let’s just hope whatever decision is made in the future, it results in both countries favor.