Pakistan: New World Record Holder

Yes! It is in front of the world now. Pakistan has made the new world record of “Most People singing National Anthem”

Pakistan's new world Record

Pakistan did it!

This record was previously held by India. In Pakistan, Punjab government organized “Youth Festival” 2012 for all the youngsters in Punjab. The event was quite long and included almost all kind of activities.

Today, at National Hockey Stadium Lahore, Punjab government invited youth from all over Pakistan to join this event that was done to make a new Guinness Book world Record entry.

The event started with more than 70,000 attendants and they were joined by Guinness Book of World Record’s Adjudicator Gareth Deaves. The national Anthem was sung with great respect and what a moment that was. Gareth Deaves, at the end of the event, announced that India’s record is now officially broken and Pakistan is the new World Record Holder of this title.