I am a Pakistani: Please Don’t hate me

Once, there was a child. He was just 7 years old. He didn’t know the harshness of world. He went to school daily, came back home. His parents were glad to see him back. Parents loved him, played with him and that was how the days were passing.

And one day, there was a blast in the city. It was about 7:00 a.m. in the morning. The boy was getting ready to go to school. His father left the home as he was asked to reach early to his office that day. The boy and her mom was watching the TV. They were watching that news channel. The news was -“A blast occurred near McDonald’s Lahore. 120 people died and 50 are injured.”

It was chaos everywhere as they continued watching TV. Child’s mom was worried as her husband was 2 streets away from McDonald’s. She called him. His phone was turned-off. She was so tensed. She called the police but Police was busy in investigating so no one listened to her. No one helped her. She cried and the time passed.

In the evening of that day, she received a call. The caller informed her that her husband has died in the blast. She was shocked. She fainted. Her son didn’t know what to do. He called his neighbors. They came and they sprinkled water over her face. She woke up and she remembered all that let her go faint. She told everyone that her husband died.

That family is living like this since than.

I’m going to ask to you: We started a war against terrorism. Why people who are not concerned with any of this are being treated like this. First, that child lost his father and when he will grow up, he will see other people pointing at him and labeling him as “Terrorist”. What has he done to anyone? What was his fault?

Please Don’t Hate Me!

I have a request to all of you. There might be people in Pakistan who are terrorists but there is a majority of people who are innocent and don’t have anything to do with all this terrorism. They are ordinary people, living their ordinary life. They also deserve some love and non-hated support from all of you. Let these people know the meaning of a “Peaceful Life”. Don’t hate Pakistanis because most of them are innocents.

Friday to Monday: Just 2 days

A person whether he’s on a job or studying, needs some time to have some rest or go for a long weekend trip. It makes the mind fresh and let you work again with new enthusiasm.

Need more vacations

Our governments can’t make long weekends because they know they have to run their companies and colleges etc. But what about giving a long holiday for once a month to each of its employee. Not fixing a day for everyone, you can change the time of their vacations. That will be wonderful and people are surely going to love that idea.

Our industries don’t uses this perspective, I don’t know why? But, one thing for sure, if every industry starts adopting this technique, they are going to keep their employees happier than ever.

As far as student life is concerned, I think it’s enough to have two holidays per week that makes roughly 96 weekends per year (not including other vacations that you have per year). Keep studying and be a bright future for your country.

Most Leap Jumps in 30 Seconds

As Youth Festival continues, the youth of Punjab Pakistan continues to show their talent. Public was surprised as there was another world record broken down.

Leap Jump Record

Another World Record by Pakistan

It was today, and the youth seemed passionate enough to break the old word record of the most leap jumps in 30 seconds. The team was restricted to 2 persons only. One bends down and other, with the help of his hands, leaps over him and then the first person bends and the game continues.

The old record was of 30 leap jumps in 30 seconds. The event started, audience cheered and there you go. The environment was amazing and that gave more confidence to the participating players.

At last, after their struggle, they managed to break the 30 leap jumps world record and moved the needle up to 34 leap jumps in 30 seconds. This was officially recorded by Guinness Book of World Record.

As the youth Festival continues, many talented players and personals have come up in front. Let’s see what more we get to hear in the near future.

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Pakistan: New World Record Holder

Yes! It is in front of the world now. Pakistan has made the new world record of “Most People singing National Anthem”

Pakistan's new world Record

Pakistan did it!

This record was previously held by India. In Pakistan, Punjab government organized “Youth Festival” 2012 for all the youngsters in Punjab. The event was quite long and included almost all kind of activities.

Today, at National Hockey Stadium Lahore, Punjab government invited youth from all over Pakistan to join this event that was done to make a new Guinness Book world Record entry.

The event started with more than 70,000 attendants and they were joined by Guinness Book of World Record’s Adjudicator Gareth Deaves. The national Anthem was sung with great respect and what a moment that was. Gareth Deaves, at the end of the event, announced that India’s record is now officially broken and Pakistan is the new World Record Holder of this title.