Pakistan: Other than Terrorism

Pakistan, today is known as the country involved in Terrorism. Today, we are lost so much in this that we don’t see what other stuff this country has for the rest of the world.

Terrorism was at its peak few years back but after some military operations, it is limited to some areas in Pakistan. These areas are still dangerous for the foreigners and they must not visit these places.

Let me tell you some other places that you’d like to visit in Pakistan.

Lahore, the capital city of Punjab, is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. It totally represents Pakistani culture and there are some great buildings that are worth-seeing.

Badshahi Mosque, built hundred of years ago, is still there and you really want to visit it. In it, there are many things ┬áthat relates to the old Royal customs. Those are still present there and saved for the visitors to see. The internal structure is very much well designed. You’ll enjoy your visit.

Badshahi Mosque: External View

And for sure, you need a hotel to stay in and visit places. Well, there are all kinds of hotels in Lahore. If you love luxury, Pearl Continental and Awari Hotel are there to fulfill your need. And if you are looking for an International Chain, you are most welcomed to Holiday Inn.

Holiday Inn, Lahore

Mall Road is another beautiful place. And the list goes on.

You can visit Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. With beautiful views, this city should be in a must-visit list for all the visitors. Places like Faisal Mosque and Margalla Hills are very beautiful and you’ll enjoy your visit.

Islamabad: The Capital

How about a pic of Margalla Hills?

Margalla Hills

Well, How about some natural mountain views? Do you want them? Do you want a complete natural beauty?

You should visit Naraan and Kaghaan for this. These are one of the most beautiful Nature-blessed places of the world

Naran View

And the locations like these totally makes you feel wonderful and fresh. Whatever advancements we make, we can’t deny the fact that Nature is the best and will always be.

As the scenes are concerned, I told you some of the best places here in Pakistan. But, these are not all. You will surely enjoy your visit to Pakistan. Once you get here, there is a lot more to see.

Pakistan is also very good at exporting many things. I will discuss that some other time. Let us know if you liked this post.

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Amir Khan and Shahid Afridi Together

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Amir Khan and Shahid Afridi Together

Two of the most popular personalities of Pakistan and India are in full smiling modes as they meet together in Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

Shahid Afridi and Amir Khan

Amir Khan is known for his high performance and acting in Bollywood. He has played role in many hit films and even produced some of his own. He is a known personality in India as well as Pakistan. There are millions of fans of him in Pakistan who are just crazy about him.

Shahid Afridi is an international cricketer from Pakistan. After setting a world record of 100 out of just 37 balls, he got a huge fame and people started to call him as “Boom Boom Afridi”. Every cricket fan knows him and there are millions of fans of him all over the world.

Both of these personalities met in Saudi Arab as both are Muslims and they were there to perform Hajj (performed by millions of Muslims once in a year at Kaaba). After seeing them together, no one can say that they are from different countries and these countries are still struggling for some Peace between them.

Tension: Go Away!

Today, in this world, everyone seems quite busy in doing a lot of work. A man is so much busy now a day that he don’t have a proper time to take care of himself. The continuous struggle for the job generates a lot of problems(that are not only job related). These problems creates a tension in a person’s mind and he might start feeling frustrated and unhappy.

Tension: Cause of being unsuccessful

How to get rid of it? There are many people looking for answers to this question. Let me tell you some tips that can help you in getting rid of it.

Well, you just need a little time for this:

-Find a silent place- Go and find a place where there’s silence everywhere. If you can go to a place where there’s greenery around you and you can clearly see sky when you face up, it’s perfect. If you have done this and you’re alone completely, you have completed almost 50% of the total procedure.

-Close your eyes- You should close your eyes or if you feel more comfortable by watching greenery around you or a blue sky on your head, it would be good, too.

-Get bad Thoughts out- This is another major step. Know what is coming in your mind and if it’s negative, imagine that you are throwing them out of your mind.

-Try to remember happy moments- Try to remember any happy moments that has been passed. Get involved in them. ┬áTry to imagine what makes you happy whether it’s someone special or a scene of nature.

Breath Deeply- Breath, not using your chest. Try to breath in and out from your belly. When you breath in, open your mouth and inhale completely. When you breath out, close your mouth and let your nose do the work.

Stay like this for a few minutes- You should stay like this for a few minutes, may be 10 or 15.

-Get yourself out of it- Come back to your real world. Smile for no reason and you will realize that you’re feeling much lighter.

-Start thinking what good you can do next- Start thinking when you’ll get up from this place and you’ll go back to your destination, what good things are you going to do? Here, Good Things mean those that will let you enjoy.

Just by following these simple steps, you can get rid of your tensions and you can be normal again. I have experienced it. It worked.

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Contact Lenses: The Future

Now a day, Contact lenses are very common. People love to have them and many prefer them over glasses. What does it give? Sure, A beautiful look better than glasses and enhances your personality.

What about the future? Is it going to be like this? Or Will there be some changes? As everything is changing with a rapid growth rate. Everything is enhancing technology to comfort their buyers in every possible way the manufacturer can. Same is the case with contact lenses. Perhaps, a more better future is waiting for all contact lenses fans than they dreamed of.

There’s a rumor that by 2020, people will be able to have some greatly advanced contact lenses. In addition to handsome look, there is going to be some other advancements.

Contact lenses

Contact Lenses in Future?

Some of the specifications of these lenses might be:

-They can have low light and night time conversions so you may feel easy to use them whether it’s day or night or a time in-between.

-Facial Recognition Tracking- That can help you out in recognizing a person in front of you.

-Thermal Camera- That will allow you to detect the intensity of thermal energy.

-Weather Forecasting- That can let you know what’s the temperature near you and what it’s going to be in the next 24 hours.

-Internet- That will let you visit the world of global village as easily as it can be.

-Remote Connection- That will let you connect to any computer.

For all those who are saying that “It is impossible” must remember that in ancient times, people couldn’t expect that a man can fly in the air and we have seen un-expectation into reality. Anything can happen in the future. Thanks to Technology!

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Android JellyBean 4.1 Update

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Android 4.1: JellyBean Update

Finally, the update that were demanded by many users is going to be available in this month. However, not all devices will be getting this update.


JellyBean 4.1.1

If you have Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3, you’re going to get it very soon. S3 will receive this update in several markets but that doesn’t include all of them. So, go and check out now if it’s available for you. If not, you have to wait for quite some time to get it. Samsung Galaxy is being preferred.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy Note are also going to receive this update very soon. So, if you have one of them, don’t miss this chance and get the update as soon as it arrives in the market.

It is being said that Galaxy smartphones will receive the update soon followed by tablets and phablets.

We will keep you updated about this topic at