Religion and Humanity

Have you ever wondered what are we doing on this very Earth except searching for jobs and efforts to make our lives better. Almost every person has set different set of rules for himself.

The set of rules and limitations followed by a particular group can be named as religion. Religion tells us how we are supposed to live our lives. And today, unfortunately, the name “Religion” is being used to eradicate humanity.

Almost every religion has the same idea of living that is “humanity”. Human follows the religion. Religion does not follow a human. Things get shattered when we keep the religion at our utmost priority. We become so aggressive in our thoughts that we feel satisfied if we try to end any person’s life of different religion.

In this humongous universe, there’s a small solar system and in that solar system , there’s a small shattered piece of the sun known as “The Earth”. What is our existence? If we keep on fighting with each other, if we try to destroy each other for any cause, what will be left? Will you be happy with only yourself living on this mother Earth? If that was supposed to happen, it could happen thousands year ago when the first human existed on this planet.

We are not supposed to destroy our homeland. No matter what religion another person follows, respect their views unless it leads to violence. No religion itself preaches violence, it’s us, the humans, who do it.

The best way to save this world is when people will start realizing that there’s another thing other than the religion and that is humanity. Humanity always comes first. No human race would have resulted in no religion. Criticize the group of people who started hatred amongst others and not the whole religion. Respect each other beliefs. If one becomes harsh in language, do not go down to his level and try to show them that you can be worse than him/her.

Be a human, not an extremist.

This post is a PEACE message for people all over the world. Let’s get united , get closer, know each other and spread love.

The following message is not for a group of people, not for any sole religion, not for any sects, castes or species. It’s for everyone.¬† Read it by imagining the whole human species in mind.
“United we stand, divided we fall”


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USAID Pakistan:Electrical Power Generation

Well, Many of you know about the US known to help out Pakistan in different aspects. One of the latest is the one that will provide assistance to Pakistani Government to generate electrical power to fulfill the needs of people.

Another Help-out

USAID Assistance to Pakistan?

As the US has started to think about this program, people have started talking about it.

But the question is: What will the US provide as an assistance to Pakistan?

There are two things that comes in a mind when one thinks about all the US support and their non-revealing effects. First thing is that, the funds or any assistance faces ¬†shortening as it arrives to its final destination by our corrupt politicians. Second thing that comes in mind is that, US doesn’t support and everything like that is done so as to win the hearts of Pakistani people.

What is the truth? That is still a question and this question might not be answered in the near future. But what we can do except waiting for the time to show its good sides to Pakistani people.

As the Power-Generation-assistance is concerned, We’ll find out soon what will actually happen.