USAID Pakistan:Electrical Power Generation

Well, Many of you know about the US known to help out Pakistan in different aspects. One of the latest is the one that will provide assistance to Pakistani Government to generate electrical power to fulfill the needs of people.

Another Help-out

USAID Assistance to Pakistan?

As the US has started to think about this program, people have started talking about it.

But the question is: What will the US provide as an assistance to Pakistan?

There are two things that comes in a mind when one thinks about all the US support and their non-revealing effects. First thing is that, the funds or any assistance faces ¬†shortening as it arrives to its final destination by our corrupt politicians. Second thing that comes in mind is that, US doesn’t support and everything like that is done so as to win the hearts of Pakistani people.

What is the truth? That is still a question and this question might not be answered in the near future. But what we can do except waiting for the time to show its good sides to Pakistani people.

As the Power-Generation-assistance is concerned, We’ll find out soon what will actually happen.