Windows 8:Display Issue

Many users who have installed Windows 8 are having some issues related to display. Display vanishes at start-up. Are you having this problem? Well, you have come to the right place:

If your notebook or PC meets all the requirements for Windows 8 installation and the display doesn’t occur, you may need to update your BIOS.

Update of ASUS BIOS

To install BIOS, go to any search engine and type “YOUR-LAPTOP-COMPANY-and-MODEL<space>BIOS<space>update”.

You will find a link that will let you download a .exe file for your BIOS. Download it and then run it. And you are done.

Remember that this process should be done before the installation of Windows 8 as after installing, you might be not seeing anything.

There’s another important thing that you should be aware off. Make sure that no power shutdown occurs when the BIOS is getting updated. Otherwise, even your current BIOS will not work. Power-failure during BIOS update may create further issues for you and believe me! You don’t want to deal with it.

So make sure that your laptop is fully charged and there’s no electrical shortage that would happen.

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Windows 8: Installation Guide with USB

I have done this and I’d like to share this thing with all of you. There are only few steps that you have to take and you’ll be ready for the new Windows 8 to run on your PC or notebook.

Windows 8

First of all, you’ll need Windows 8 activation code. Get it from wherever you can and save it in your cellphone or write it down.

-Insert your USB in the USB port. USB must be of 8 GB(however I’m completely not sure whether 4GB will work or not. 8GB is recommended)

-Format it-There should be no data left on it.

-Decide whether you want 32-bit or 64-bit windows.

-Download an ISO image from official Windows website
by clicking here: Windows 8 ISO Image

-It requires 3.3 GB(64-bit) and 2.5 GB for 32-bit

-Download Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool by clicking this

Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool

-When it is downloaded, Run it.

-Add ISO image of your windows 8 file that you downloaded before.

-Let the software do the work.

-After it is done, you’re ready to install windows 8 on your notebook.

-Restart your computer and don’t take out USB from USB-port.

NOTE: Don’t forget to get the activation code. It’s required when you’re installing windows 8.

Any Query? feel free to ask me in the comments